At Vema Trader everything is achievable. We always ask ourselves "what if" and never say we can't. So don't be shy and get creative, post all your ideas and suggestions. The more the community upvotes your suggestion the higher chance it will be implemented into Vema Trader.

Staggered exits Completed
26 votes 3 comments
Ability to programatically move stop loss
19 votes 2 comments
Implement limit orders Completed
16 votes 2 comments
Strategy Templates
14 votes 3 comments
Account balance (wallet) page
14 votes 3 comments
Mobile friendly Dashboard Completed
13 votes 2 comments
Trendline Exits, TP & SL
13 votes 3 comments
RRR Box and All TA to be displayed during and after trade has played out Completed
13 votes 3 comments
Ability to alter tags on the account level. Editing, merging, deleting tags. Planned
12 votes 4 comments
Tax report
12 votes 0 comments
Saving templates for drawings ie: trendlines, sup and res, zones
10 votes 7 comments
Ability to delete trades from vema reporting (paper trades) Planned
9 votes 2 comments
Analyse Screen - R:R indicator to show trade maximum progression on closed trades
8 votes 3 comments
Sort Analyse cards Completed
8 votes 2 comments
Manually order analyse cards Completed
8 votes 1 comment
Be able to 'pause' monitoring trades if too many trades are already open at once
8 votes 2 comments
Conditional Take Profits (And maybe Stop Losses)
8 votes 1 comment
Including trading fees in Realised PNL Completed
8 votes 2 comments
Market Structure Stop Loss
7 votes 0 comments
We have share wins, but do we have share set ups? Completed
7 votes 3 comments
Create date and last updated date on Dashboard
7 votes 1 comment
Show analyse cards as tiles instead of carousel Completed
7 votes 5 comments
Ability to add tags to an already reviewed closed trade Completed
7 votes 2 comments
Staggered Entries
6 votes 1 comment
Default timeframe / coin Planned
6 votes 1 comment
Scalp mode - batch cancel
6 votes 4 comments
Notepad for general notes Planned
6 votes 5 comments
start dates for trade plans
6 votes 2 comments
Self-Ban Button: Forces paper trades only for a user specified time period.
6 votes 0 comments
Export CSV file with trading data
6 votes 2 comments